Out of your league

Alex Drake - Ashes to Ashes;♥


Alex Drake - Ashes to Ashes;

ITV’s ‘Identity’ premiered in Australia today…

…And of course, being the Keeley fan that I am, I had to catch it. It was, as expected, brilliant, clever, creative and hooked me in within minutes of viewing with a storyline like nothing I’ve seen before (I mean an Identity theft unit? Where’d they pull that idea from?) I had no idea who Aiden Gillen was before I tuned into ‘Identity’ today, but he’s quick becoming a favourite for me. I don’t understand why British dramas have such low ratings in Australia although I suspect a reason is due to British shows being unjustly linked with boringness here but honestly, how can you get bored of Keeley’s accent? Nevertheless, I only just found out Identity’s timeslot today, a few days after I’d purchased the DVD online. So I’d probably devour the 6-part series in no time.


Furiously purchasing every Keeley DVD I see in the shops/online… Spooks is my current target! x